Jam Night #1

I have this friend. His name is Jacob.


He is one of my best friends. Through the years we’ve discovered that each other is awesome in a unique but very complimentary sort of way and it’s been lovely. The other day I got a Facebook invite that simply told us recipients, “Bring your instruments. Let’s have some beverages and play some music.” A few days later his wall post asked, “Can anyone play the harmonica?” Then shortly after he updated the event wall with, “We have a confirmed cellist.”

This was getting exciting for a Friday night in my world.

Young Jacob (his very unnickname from me) was the only soul I knew at the jam. But I packed up my horribly out of tune guitar and my camera. There were several hiccups in my planning. The largest was I hadn’t played my guitar in a year. Also, my flash’s batteries were dead, dead, dead.

Oh well. I remind you again, The Video.

I met some interesting people.

IMG_3074 IMG_3079

I met some interesting dogs.

IMG_3070 IMG_3081

Indeed there was a cellist. And a singer/songwriter/science teacher. And many other musicians, wannabe musicians and just people who came for a good time. Beers were drank, cajons were thumped and songs were sang. Dreams came true. It was beautiful.



I totally meant for this pic to look like that. Way, way on purpose.

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