2012 vacay checklist

We are taking a trip to the best city in the world. Here’s our to-do list in no particular order:

1. Visit a citrus grove.  2. Ferry Building Farmers Market on a Saturday morning.  3.  Bike across the Golden Gate Bridge.  4. And possibly into Sausalito  5. And possibly ride back via ferry  6. Visit Amoeba Music (maybe eat at Cha Cha Cha right next door)  7.  Feet in the ocean  8. Oysters and champagne on Tomales Bay  9. Bourbon & Branch  10. Custom Fortune Cookies in Chinatown  11. Hug a Redwood  12. Vintage shopping in the Mission District  13. Drinking at RN74 Wine Bar  14. Dining at Slanted Door  15. Monterey, CA  16. Shake my Django Django  17. Father John Misty  18. Taste 75 new wines  19. Irish Coffee at Buena Vista  20. Bun at Tartine  21. Conservatory of Flowers  22. Fly a kite in Alamo Square Park  23. The BEAT Museum: http://www.kerouac.com/visit/  24. See San Francisco from Coit Tower  25. Antique penny arcade on the warf: http://www.museemecaniquesf.com/  26. Exploratorium  27. Buy Rice-a-roni from a street vendor  28. Breakfast at Mama’s on Washington Square  29.

7 thoughts on “2012 vacay checklist

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    • We are actually staying 3 nights in Napa (though we may change to Sonoma) on the trip so we can visit 12-15 wineries. Some of them are ones Clayton represents, so hoping that makes for extra fun.

  2. The wine bus! They drive you across Golden Gate Bridge to 4 Napa wineries, then you get to ride back on the ferry. One of my favorite vacation activities I’ve ever done.

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