Sheri’s First Rally

I went to my first rally today in protest of our own piece of Personhood law making it’s way around the Oklahoma legislature. It was an emotional day and there have been some emotional weeks leading to today’s events. I can’t wax too poetic….I’m an expert on nothing but my own heart, and even then I’m inconsistent. But I was compelled to show my face at the capitol today. I’ve been reading this piece of legislation and other pieces that seem to be pushing the radical right agenda and I am frustrated. Oklahoma is a loving, beautiful place and I am embarrassed that things like this are being pursued by my government. Have your morality and beliefs. Keep them. In your churches and your communities. But leave them out of my government. And my body. And my daughter’s body. And the bodies of my girlfriends and their wives and her sister’s and her cousin’s and….and….and…

Embarrassment and frustration aside, today was positive because I learned that I am not an island. There are others and they are every shape, sex, age and color. I also got to hear this in person today:


Also, here’s a bit of a highlight reel:


One thought on “Sheri’s First Rally

  1. Good for you, Sheri. Gotta stand up for what you believe. When will these idiots learn that they cannot force their own versions of morality on the rest of us?

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