All The Spinach

It’s getting late and for every box I pack I seem to remember at least one completely unrelated task that needs to be done before Friday. Today’s biggest ::gasp:: moment? I need to replace a pipe under my bathroom sink for the buyers of my house! Whoops! I’ll get it done in plenty of time, of course, and I’m glad it came to light today and not Friday at closing.

The house is about 75% packed/ready. Tomorrow night after work I disassemble kid beds and pack/purge those random items in the garage that tend to collect. And cook spinach.

Oh… didn’t I mention that?

My dad and aunt came by to crash this evening because my dad has eye surgery in the morning at the ass-crack of dawn and they are using my house as a home base tomorrow. As a tithe of some sort he brought me (at least) 3 pounds or organic spinach leaves from his garden. So much spinach it had to be transported in a small garbage bag. So…yes. Tomorrow night I shall be cooking ALL THE SPINACH. 🙂

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