Captain lame-o

There are a gazillion things I want/need to attend this week that become more and more fleeting as the deadline for being totally packed nears. If you’re in Oklahoma City, please consider attending one or more events on my wish list:

Rose Party at The Wedge on Western

Delicious pizza and antipasto, best patio in OKC (I call it OKC’s backyard) and loads of lovely pink wine to sample. Drink pink and enjoy the summertime pastime that the French have bogarted for hundreds of years.
**Update: I caved and went to this. Was fun and the kids had a blast. There were other kids running around the “backyard” and I had to drag my sweaty-headed son out of there. You should join us next year!

Rotary Conference for District 5750 – Thursday through Saturday

Okay, this may not be for the masses, but if you’re a Rotarian in Central Oklahoma you need to pick one of the many events of this year’s district conference. Thursday night is my favorite as it is held the former OKC Museum of Art, which is now a private residence. If I can AT ALL finagle my schedule, I’m stopping by this with my kids for a quick dinner and a walk around the mansion.

K.C. Clifford’s CD Release Concerts – Friday & Saturday Night @ The Blue Door

She’s an Oklahoma treasure and a very lovely friend. These are the last shows she’s playing in Oklahoma City before Baby Broyles makes her arrival. Her new CD called The Tag Hollow Sessions is my new favorite of hers. I’ll write more on the CD later but one special thing I noticed was I think the banjo(y) was added in my honor. As KC often quips, “I’m the most exciting person I know.” 😉 Rewatching that video has convinced me I must be at one of the shows. ::sigh::

Chandler AlumniUntitled

Yes, another specialty event. I’m usually all, “Pshaw. Like I need to go hang out with people from high school on non-anniversary years,” but over the last year or two Facebook has allowed me to better know those people. Some of those people are a lot like me and I’m interested in hanging out with them over a few beers on Saturday afternoon. We may not have been besties 17 years ago, but now almost all of us are 36 and married/divorced/parents and that’s a lot to have in common. Two (possibly more) are in from out-of-state and I’m bummed to miss it. But I probably will miss it because my new house will be stacked to the ceiling with boxes, there’s a luncheon at my Rotary conference that I want to attend, my daughter will be at a late-morning laser tag birthday party, I need to go to KC’s show that night and DAMMIT, I am only one woman.

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