Pulled from the archives of a previous blog. Originally posted June 29, 2005

I am a woman without wind in her sails.

I went to a public relations conference with my best friend yesterday and though most of it was so boring that I wanted to stick hot forks in my eyes, there was one session that rocked. It was engaging, exciting and informative.

And it made me want to become a professional-type career womanyish person.

And it made me feel small and insignificant.

And I didn’t want to go home.


I need to focus and figure out my plan. I told hubby last night that I didn’t necesarrily want to go get a job, but I wanted to WORK. And I want to start going to little workshops or seminars or something. And in 6 to 8 weeks I think my little man will bet heading off to pre- pre- pre- preschool. Otherwise known as Mother’s Day Out. For one sacred day a week where I will go there and then go work. At a coffee shop or home or the library or somewhere. No grocery shopping, no home improving or cleaning, no doctor’s appointments. Just writing or planning. And NO FICTION. Just writing for money.

MU-HU-HU-NEY. All about the benjamins. 😉

Just thinking out loud…I mean, on paper…I mean, on keyboard.

Funny side note… our opening speaker yesterday was a funny man named Frosty Troy, who has been an investigative journalist almost longer than my dad has been alive. He coughed a few times toward the end of his speech and someone realized that he had no water to sip. A woman hurriedly got him a cup of water and as she approached the podium he looked at her and said,

“Oh, bless you! (pause) I hope that’s gin.”

I’ll be giggling off that for years…

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