My widdle baby

House Baby

Well, this weekend the house felt more like a sick baby and by this morning I was all, “WHAT TIME DOES THE PEDIATRICIAN OPEN?!” We had a house call on Friday, home remedies all weekend and another house call this morning. By the time the week ends (I hope), I think she’ll be squared away with the basics. (Appliances fully functioning, plumbing, Internet.) It’s stressin’ me out.

Progress is being made, though. Slowly but surely. We celebrated a working washer and dryer by processing 4 jumbo loads of laundry . We celebrated the finishing of the den by opening a bottle of wine and curling up for a sci fi DVD on Saturday night. (Yes, with a film festival raging downtown.) Tomorrow the plumbers return for Round 2 of “correcting the previous resident’s shortcuts” and later this week we hope to have the new dishwasher installed. Just as soon as we buy one.

I’m jonesing pretty hard for a trip to IKEA, so that might happen one upcoming weekend if we can borrow or rent the right sized vehicle for the task. There are so many things IKEA has that are so inexpensive and delightfully simple. There is no peer in Oklahoma. Also, I am out of lingonberry jam.

One thought on “My widdle baby

  1. “Correcting the previous residents’ shortcuts”–I know that game. If you play it long enough it becomes a game called, “Were they idiots or just trying to be funny?” and soon after that it morphs into another game called “Where are these people now so I can smite them with my bare hands?”

    Congrats on the new pad. I’ll be looking for my housewarming party invitation in the mail!

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