Last weekend was the final weekend I’d have my kids before they start the school year. A few weeks ago I realized I hadn’t seen my niece and nephew since Christmas and they only live 90 minutes away. It was the hail mary of summer getaways and a TOTAL SCORE!

I rented a hotel room in Tulsa that had a small, indoor waterpark. I asked for the highest floor they had with two queen beds. We stayed in 1010 on the 10th floor (though, I will tell you that the hotel went to 11).

Our hotel goes to 11

I took four kids (7, 7, 10 & 11) thrifting and to lunch at Chuy’s. Then after 2.5 hours of hardcore swimming, chasing, splashing and tattling, we retired to 1010 on 10 for lots of Disney Channel and a profane amount of Mazzio’s delivery.

Sunday was breakfast AT the hotel (which the kids thought was pretty dern cool), a little more thrifting and then a movie! The boys and I went to the new Ice Age movie in 3D and I let the girls go alone to the Katy Perry movie. We even hung out in the Cinemark arcade afterwards for photos, games and prizes. Then….more food! Smashburger followed by Jamba Juice!


My heart is full. Very proud of the kids they are and are becoming.

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