Hair probs

I need help.

I’ve been growing my hair out for over a year just so I can have long glossy hair and feel accomplished. Well, here I am. Hair is inching it’s way down my back each month and is the longest it’s been in 20 years. And I’m kind of over it. But it is neat! But it’s so long that even in a ponytail it lays on my neck and back. And when I roll over in my sleep I either smother myself in my own hair or whip/flip so hard that my bed partner gets whacked in the face.

Half of the time I think it looks like this:


And the other half I think it looks like this:


Really, it looks like this:


It’s just hanging around, being brown, long and pretty. It’s fine. But….I’m kind of thinking of a change and that’s where I need help.

I want color!


But maybe in an ombre style!

Or hiding underneath!

And then I might want to cut it!

Or just lighten it with a bunch of layers!

Or heavy bangs!

I’m sure I could keep going, but you get the idea. (Which is that I have no idea.)

To further complicate matters, I don’t have a stylist! I do, but I don’t. It’s hard for me to make a big drive to get my hairs did and I want to fall in love with someone near my downtown OKC office so that routine maintenance isn’t such a hassle.

1. Which salon and/or person should I patron for my new ‘do?

2. Tell me what ‘do I should do. Feel free to post links to pic in the comments, tell me of coloring horror stories, or tell me how adding a purple streak in your locks gave you such joy that your life was reinvigorated. Not that I need my life reinvigorated…just my hair.


15 thoughts on “Hair probs

  1. 1) Melissa at Embellish Salon on Western is a MIRACLE WORKER. And, she will be completely honest about what will look good on you, what’s trendy vs. classic, and she just knows how to make you feel good in your own hair. The salon number is 843-4242 and they are on 65th and Western.
    2) I just put a hidden purple streak in my hair and i LOVE it. I can curl my hair or pull it up when I want it to be seen, or I can wear my hair down to hide it. I think you would look really cute with some layers around your face and “swoopy” bangs that go to the side.

    Best wishes! When you have good hair, it really brings out your confidence. 🙂

    • Thanks! I think I’ve stalked some stuff off of Embellish’s Facebook before. The more I think about bangs the more I feel like that will be part of the end product.

  2. I just cut 8 inches off my hair because it was just too hot and heavy and it’s still below my shoulders! But for the record, your hair looks gorgeous! I like layers. And color is fun (if your employer allows, mine does not)! As for stylists, no idea… you’d throw up if you knew where I drive to get my hair done. But I’ll keep my eyes and ears out for stylists downtown. 🙂

  3. I love my hair girl (Amy) at Salon W on Western. And she GREAT with color. My hair looks the best it’s looked in years thanks to her!

    I’d say maybe cut a couple inches off (keep it longer though) and add some color and layers to it. Change it up a bit and see if you like it. If you’re still looking for change, chop it after that! I just know I always get the urge to cut mine off, and once I do I regret it a couple weeks later.

  4. I cannot recommend Joan from Velvet Monkey highly enough. She is amazing. Plus, it’s in the Plaza District, so it’s close. For what it’s worth, my vote is for layers with highlights. Although, I’m also a fan of hiding the color pop underneath. Maybe there’s room for both? 🙂

  5. Don’t chop off too much!! That was a big regret of mine. It’s never grown back the same. Love the idea of layers with bangs!! You would totally rock it. I think ombré is on the way out so stick with regular highlights. Can’t wait to see!!

    • I’ve taken it all the way down to a man’s haircut before and loved it! But probably not doing that again for a long while. I love the layers with bangs idea, too!

  6. Do it ALL!! I heard a lady say one time, “if you want to do anything big in life, your hair must be slammin’!!” lol, but I agree. 🙂 My girl Amber Hearne from Hair Rage cut my LOOOOONG hair into Halle Berry hotness years ago – she’s amazing, and downtown. 514-8040. I cannot wait to see pics!

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