Bra algorithms

I’ve had two bras in the last month give up the ghost. Don’t you hate that? Much like shopping for jeans, shopping for bras is often an hours-long adventure that rarely ends in excitement or satisfaction. It is super-expensive. Or it is anti-climatic as you concede to 2 boring beige contraptions that “will work.” Or both. Or worse, the search is fruitless and you go home to just make-do with a reduced fleet until you can rally for a new battle.

Of course my bra needs happened right in the middle of back-to-school time of the year. Also, in the hottest part of the year. The thought of driving, parking and walking into a mall had me at Google with a “bra shopping” search. I ran across this Mashable article about a couple of female, former Microsoft employees who had invented a Bra Algorithm. Like a web-based bra robot! Read the article so I’m not tempted to plagiarize….. Done? Good.

I completed the survey, entered in my credit card and waited. A week or so later, it arrived. On first impression, I definitely was diggin’ the box. I always have things delivered to work and appreciated the discreet packaging. No one will know you’ve got a haul of lady items unless you’ve rattled on to your coworker a few days early about trying out an online, mail-order bra shopping service. Then you get a, “Hey Sheri! Your bras are here!”


Was immediately impressed by the packaging. It was beautiful to open the box to find glittery wrapping, tissue and thoughtful notes.




Also, there was a surprise free pair of teeny, tiny panties.


I appreciate the sentiment, but shall give them to one of my teeny, tiny friends.

In the end, I didn’t keep any. Maybe I was a bit dishonest in my survey or maybe I should have remeasured some things since there is that slight weight gain that I also refused to own up to in the survey. BUT… trying on those five bras was very much like the in-store experience but without the hours-of-shopping hassle. They really varied in fit and comfort and side boob, just like when I’m sweating in the dressing rooms of Victoria’s Secret or Dillard’s, but it’s so much better than going to the mall. I’m getting back on the horse and trying another round of appropriately-sized garments.

It couldn’t be a better experience with regards to returns. I logged in to my True & Co account, then marked each bra appropriately regarding the specifics of why they didn’t work on my body. The online return survey took all of 2-3 minutes to complete. I placed the included the UPS return label sticker right over the old one and dropped the box off at the UPS Store near my office. ::poof::

I wish I had been honest during my original survey as I’d now have 2-3 new bras. I do this thing where I almost always buy clothes in the frame of mind that I’m about to lose 10-15 pounds, and I’m sure that’s what I did here. I need to learn to be in the present. 🙂


They sent me a link so that my friends can get a $15 credit. Of course, they give me a credit when you buy (full disclosure) but I’m sharing the link regardless of the self-serving aspect. Who doesn’t like discounts and who doesn’t want to share those discounts with their friends?

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