When the lights go down in the ci-tay

We’re going to San Francisco! I’ve made a checklist and you can see it over there in my blogroll links because I don’t know where else to put it. It’s my intention to create posts for all of those items (or logical groupings). I doubt we get to do everything but I like the idea of this little Mighty San Francisco style list.

If you have any unique suggestions, please leave a comment! 🙂

2012 vacay checklist



2 thoughts on “When the lights go down in the ci-tay

  1. Slanted Door – yes. Or the smaller version which I can’t think of the name of. Get the crab noodles! You MUST have a carnitas taco at Tacolicious. Best carnitas taco I’ve ever eaten. And a morning bun at Tartine is really yummy. I haven’t been to Bi-Rite (next to Tartine) but the salted caramel ice cream is supposed to be amazing. Dress in layers. When I was there last week it was perfect, but typically August is foggy and cold. Have fun. It is my favorite city on earth. I miss it daily.

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