Hair probs solved (for now)

I gaaaht mah hurrr did.

I received tons of suggestions when I posted about my Hair Probs. It was overwhelming! I had 2 or three suggestions for the Velvet Monkey alone, so settled on that salon. Also because it was close to work and home. Yesterday was my appointment and chose Parker in particular because I’ve known him for years and years and want to support his talents. He’s a singer/songwriter and volunteer, and when he’s not doing those things he does a damn find job doing hair and make-up at Velvet Monkey in the Plaza District.

I had sent him the blog post a couple of weeks ago and when I sat down we took 10 minutes with hair swatches, my Pinterest account and my blog and formulated a plan of attack.


Bangs! Red! Layers! The bangs dried a little shorter than I wanted, but I’ll rock a little Betty Page for a week or two. The red wasn’t as artificial red as I wanted. The length is maybe a little longer than I wanted to keep. The whole thing is so different for me that it looks like I’m wearing a wig when I look in the mirror. But, I really like it.



Can you see my new, auburn birthmarks? I hope those fade quickly. Any tips on that? The color starts on my temple, goes above my ears and follows my hairline to the nape of my neck. Then there’s lots of layers and the red just pokes out wherever it feels like poking out.

Overall, I’m really pleased and am gonna have fun with my new hair. No more probs.


4 thoughts on “Hair probs solved (for now)

  1. LOVE!!!! Bangs are tricky. you’ll hate them for the first week, love them for two weeks and then hate them again because they’ll need to be trimmed. When I’ve had them, my girl does it in-between cuts for free so hopefully your guy will as well. Love the color – it will come off your face with a couple of washings.

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