Food on trees is my new favorite thing

We are on day 4 of 10 of our vacation and the thing I can’t seem to get enough of is food on trees. I know that Oklahoma has lots of peaches and a few apples, but it’s far more exciting to see GRAPEFRUITS hanging on a branch. Or lemons. Or POMEGRANATES. Sorry to scream fruit.


Y’all (when you see me use that word, know that it means I’m about to channel my inner hick), I made Clayton pull the car over into a person’s private residential driveway so I could go lay my eyes on what I was certain was a citrus grove of some sort. The ground was covered in fallen fruit but upon inspection the trees were loaded with something that looked really foreign and not citrusy. I picked one off the ground, turned it around in my hand and picked at a crack in what seemed to be a husk. Gasp! It was this!

I just picked that. I am nerding out.

Walnuts, y’all! In a tree! On the side of the highway!

Last night I jumped a fence to determine what a certain tree was fruiting (persimmon) and as I was crawling back over Clayton noticed a fig tree right next to it. JUST SITTING THERE. I’m a fruit thief of the highest order! It was a bit of a theme for the Napa leg of our trip.


Found an orange tree…..stole oranges!

Found an apple tree….stole apples!

Found an olive tree….stole nothing. I’ve already learned that lesson.

Today’s another traveling/settling day as we transition to the chaos of San Francisco. Hoping to figure out a way to get Napa Valley photos from my antique Canon Rebel to Flickr so I can share the good stuff.

4 thoughts on “Food on trees is my new favorite thing

  1. I so want to plant a pomegranate tree! I did plant one this past spring but it died. Boo hoo! I am gong to try again this winter. Finger’s crossed! Then I won’t have to pay for them in the store Yeah!

    • It turns out that I used to own one of these bushes and never knew it until right before I sold my house! I think mine was ornamental or something because never did it bear fruit…just lots of pretty orange flowers.

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