If I had a million years

…I could get caught up on all the blog posts in my head.

Last month we opened a new restaurant, which is always an intense time in the home office. Then right after it launched my daughter had a birthday. Then the day after that we got on a plane for a 10 day vacation to one of our most favorite places in the world doing all of our most favorite things in the world. On day 2 I got a phone call that my most favorite person in the world had passed away after a long, full life with the exception of several years of dementia and sharply declining physical and mental health. Services won’t be for 6 more weeks so…power through! Wine country then the city and in the middle of that I read two books and averaged 5 miles a day (as opposed to the 50 feet to which we are accustomed) of walking in San Francisco. Oh! And we tasted well over 100 different wines. We also attended two concerts and spent an obscene amount of money and calories that WERE WORTH EVERY MORSEL AND CENT. Someone remind me of this in December when Santa fills our stockings with coal.

My brain. It is FULL of stories. Full of tears. I haven’t the slightest idea of where to begin. Life has been like that all year. I don’t know where to begin because so much is constantly coming at My Thinker for processing. Y’all…there are all these stories about buying the house I haven’t told!  Concerts I’ve been to! Pastries I’ve eaten! Pinteresting things I’ve made! ALL OF THE PHOTOS! Memories to share and, mostly, document before they fade.

* * *

I do want to tell you briefly about this book. It is likely responsible for pushing me past this writer’s block of having TOO MUCH to say. And wanting to say my things at a million miles an hour without eloquence. Imperfectly.

Go read this. Then loan it to a friend. Or buy it for a friend. Chances are, he or she will want to mark it up and highlight it and spill coffee on it and sleep with it under their pillow. Here’s one of her TED talks, if you want a hint of what she writes about…

2012 TED Talk

I also read this:

…which was just pure joy, especially if you have a certain sense of humor. Jenny Lawson is in the category of what I call, “Me in my head.” I can’t wait for several women I love to get their hands on this. It made my 5+ hour plane ride feel like 30 minutes. I wish Jenny Lawson would write a book for every time I need to fly 2,000 miles. I’m sure she’d do that, right?

2 thoughts on “If I had a million years

  1. always love your posts, and I am looking for more good reading materials, especially one that might just finally knock the cobwebs insecurity out of my stubborn Taurean brain and get me to finally put my own words down on electronic whitespace for the cyberworld to see or just ignore. Glad your SF trip was everything you hoped it would be. It’s one of our favorite places on earth, as well.

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