There’s a new market in town called Sunflower Farmers Market and they carry a lot of produce and hippie food. I noticed the other day they had quinoa on sale for cheap and when I was again in the neighborhood I swung in to grab some of that cheap miracle grain.

Only I pulled the lever too hard and dispensed four pounds of bulk quinoa into my baggie. I shrugged at my mistake, tied off my vessel and finished my shopping with it perched on my hip like a Grain Baby.

Once I returned home a new situation arose. I have no containers in which to store four pounds of quinoa. Luckily, I found one that stored three and a half pounds of it just fine.

3.5 lbs of quinoa in a bear jar. That's how I roll.


I’m not too lazy to go grocery shopping, I’m purposefully using up what I have.


For breakfast I scrounged up brown sugar oatmeal muffins (miraculously I had all the ingredients). Right now I’m making myself pesto quinoa and griddled peaches. Kids will have Chick’n sandwiches and French fries.

Another meal made, another shopping trip postponed.

20110827-121121.jpg    20110827-121728.jpg

It’s like an episode of Ready, Set, Cook all up in here. Random things left to eat: brussels sprouts, okra and kidney beans. Noticeable voids: milk, bread.